A Comprehensive Review of Goldsilver.com

At goldsilver.com, customers can purchase and sell gold coins, many types of bullion and silver bars. The site also offers products that were created before 1933 and sealed cases that contain a wide variety of distinctive coins. Furthermore, the company provides several types of coins that consist of copper.

Trends and ChartsThe enterprise offers a wide range of charts that indicate the fluctuations of the values of silver and gold. The company’s website also contains news and articles that evaluate the effects of global events on the prices of precious metals.Purchasing JewelryThe business sells several necklaces that have a length of 22 inches and contain more than 1 ounce of gold, and customers may also select a bracelet with a length of 7 inches. The company guarantees the authenticity of its jewelry and allows customers to return the products within 10 days of a purchase.

Managing an IRA

Customers can add silver and gold to most IRAs, and the experts at goldsilver.comfrequently help patrons to set up new IRAs. Additionally, the business can become the official broker of an IRA and provide a list of trusted custodians for the account.

Protecting Your Metals

The enterprise allows patrons to store precious metals in the company’s especially secure vaults. The business manages storage centers in Salt Lake City, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and Canada, and the enterprise provides full insurance for the metals in each vault.


The company offers free shipping for all orders that have a total price of at least $499. Once a customer has created a free account at goldsilver.com, the buyer will be able to track packages on the website.

Making a Payment

When placing an order, a customer can use a credit card or a debit card to provide five percent of the total payment. Subsequently, the patron may initiate a wire transfer to pay the remaining balance. Alternatively, the customer can send a check; however, the company will typically place a five-day hold on all personal checks.

Educational Resources

The website contains a wide array of videos that predict the future fluctuations of the values of silver and gold, and many of the films also teach patrons to utilize the site’s cutting-edge features. Moreover, the business provides a popular book that analyzes the importance of gold and silver during the last 2,400 years.

Preparing to Make a Purchase

The enterprise has been fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has received many positive testimonials from loyal customers. To learn more information about the company’s products, you can chat live with a representative at goldsilver.com. In addition, you may call 888-319-8166.