Bloomberg Notices Silver:Gold Ratio

Bloomberg today (June 3, 2009) has published an article by Jason Scott that specifically points to the massive drop in the silver:gold ratio since it peaked above 84 in early October to the current 61 area. It’s not often that the mainstream press mentions this ratio, and it bodes well for the future spreading of the silver story.

Of course, when the ratio has gone from over 70 to 61 in around a month’s time, and silver is now up almost 50% on the year (compared to gold’s 14%), the financial media are supposed to notice these things. Let’s see how long it takes CNBC to pick up on the news.

Meanwhile on June 2nd, a article quoted British scientist Valerie Edward Jones on how “advances in technology, particularly nanotechnology, are allowing scientists to increasingly apply silver’s benefits in more areas”, including “healthcare and hygiene”. She then pointed out its use in deodorants in Europe.