Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Book Reviews

Book Reviews

We've found some excellent books for the silver investor, and we've given our review of these excellent books. Read On.

The Coming Economic Collapse: How You Can Thrive When Oil Costs...

  The Coming Economic Collapse:  How You Can Thrive When Oil Costs $200 a Barrel By Stephen Leeb Business Plus  2006 196 pages.  $16.99  Stephen Leeb, the author of...

The Theory of Money and Credit

Many knowledgeable individuals believe this is the best book ever written on money and credit. And they are probably right, for it has no peer, especially as concerns the Austrian school of economics. The book does, though, have two minor flaws, both of which concern readability. First, the book demands a certain degree of economic sophistication.

The Gold Clause: What It is and How to Use It...

The clause stipulates that payment will be made in gold or in paper money equivalent to a certain amount of gold. A gold clause is like a plumb-line. It’s a method of protecting against the appreciation or depreciation of paper currency. Gold clauses keep contracts straight.

Real Wealth: The Simple Guide to Silver Investing Reviewed

Real Wealth: The Simple Guide to Silver Investing By J. D. Seagraves Silver Monthly Publications 2010 130 pages. $24.99 On the subject of money, in his Decline of...

End The Fed

The Federal Reserve Bank – referred to simply as the Fed – has been the recipient of constant criticism ever since its inception in 1913. The Fed’s critics span the spectrum, from conspiracy/survivalist nuts to the AFL-CIO to congressmen and senators.

The Silver Pennies: An Investor’s Guide to U.S. Silver Stocks

Admittedly, The Silver Pennies has a narrow focus – the mines of the Coeur d’Alene Mining District. This means the book will appeal to a specific group of investors, those interested in American silver mines located in the Pacific Northwest. For those people, the book is a necessity. For others, The Silver Pennies furnishes a compact and succinct handbook on the subject of silver mining.

Gold Trading Boot Camp Book Review

Gregory Weldon is the front man for Weldon Financial. And like David Byrne he has a knack for writing. Only Weldon doesn’t write lyrics. He writes investment advice – how-to-stuff. He wrote Gold Trading Boot Camp, which is a remarkable book.

ForeWord Clarion Reviews Real Wealth: The Simple Guide to Silver Investing

With the recent financial meltdown and continuing economic uncertainty, investing in precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum may become a more attractive alternative. In...

The Dollar Meltdown: Surviving the Impending Currency Crisis

Whether or not investors agree with Goyette’s recommendations, The Dollar Meltdown is a productive read. The author presents his analysis of the present economic situation in grand style, using historical analogies, quotes, and entertaining anecdotes. Plus, what he has to say makes a lot of sense.

Ruff’s Little Book of Big Fortunes in Gold & Silver Book...

Ruff’s Little Book of Big Fortunes in Gold and Silver:  A Middle Class License to Print Money By Howard Ruff 10 Finger Press 2006 122 pages.  $19.95 Ruff’s...