Sunday, January 26, 2020
Bullion Dealer Reviews

Bullion Dealer Reviews

Below lists a selection of online bullion dealers as well as a detailed review of each company based on criteria including pricing, selection, shipping cost and time, as well as overall service. Below the detailed review from Silver Monthly, we’ve included real customer interviews. The box score lists the overall score from both Silver Monthly as well as the average overall score from real customers. If you’ve had either a positive or negative experience with any of these listed please consider leaving a personal review. Not only will you help Silver Monthly with ranking bullion dealers, but you will also help new buyers find the best dealer for his or her personal needs. Each category has a star rating for

  • Pricing: Was the price bought near the spot price of silver?
  • Selection: Did you find the coins and bars you needed most?
  • Shipping: Was not only the cost of shipping but the shipping time appropriate?
  • Service: Did the company go above and beyond to help during the entire process?
Based on the star rating from each category, Silver Monthly will average all with equal weights to show an average score from customer reviews. This score is on a five points scale, with 5 stars being the top of the range and will highlight the best silver and gold bullion dealer. Finally, as you read through both the Silver Monthly reviews as well as the customer reviews for each bullion dealer, narrowing down your final decision to two different dealers can be helped with our Bullion Dealer Comparison articles. Having both dealers go head to head against each other for your business will make the final decision much easier.


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