Monday, November 20, 2017
Bullion IRA

Bullion IRA: Putting Gold and Silver in Your Retirement IRA

Precious metals also be held in an IRA, but investing in bullion requires a custodian.

Bunker Hunt’s Attraction to Silver: A History of Cornering the Silver...

By 1974, Bunker and Herbert had accumulated futures contracts for approximately fifty-five million ounces of silver—8% of the global supply at that time.

Precious Metals: How to Diversify Your Portfolio, Reduce Risk, and Boost...

A recent study by Ibbotson Associates, commissioned by Bullion Management Services Inc., confirms holding a percentage of precious metals increases a portfolio's return on investment.

Junk Silver: U.S. Coins With 90% Silver

The potential for 90% silver bags to pick up big premiums justifies the buying of bags circulated silver coins by investors who can manage the bags' weight and bulk.

Investing in Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins

These silver bullion coins would be a suburb addition to any silver investor's portfolio. But be sure to watch the price above silver spot. Because the Maple Leaf has lower mintage numbers the premium can be much higher than silver eagles.

American Silver Eagle: Complete Investors Guide

American Silver Eagle of 99.9% pure silver, which is guaranteed by the U.S. Mint. 2006 Silver Eagles, like all previous years, feature Adolph Weinman's...

The 10 Best Silver Coins for Investment

Most people fantasize about finding a “diamond in the rough”—a rare collectible coin handed out as change from Wal-Mart—but as an investment strategy, silver...

Buying Silver in Bulk: Silver Eagle Monster Boxes

Silver Eagle Monster Boxes are a great way to purchase a large quantity of Silver Eagle coins. A monster box contains 25 plastic coin...

Silver Bullion Bars: Complete Investors Guide to Bullion Bars

Unlike silver coins, silver bullion bars are first and foremost an industrial product. They are intended to be used as a storage means and are consider a trading medium. They are very liquid, but should be purchased strictly as an investment and not used for bartering purposes.

16 Tests to Spot Fake Silver Coins

So long as counterfeiters can produce fakes for less than the cost of authentic silver coins, and so long as man's nature is what...