Silver Investing

Silver Investing

There are about thirty mutual funds which invest in both gold and silver. But as you will see, the investment styles and strategies of these funds vary greatly.

Silver certificates outsource the task of storing and protecting the underlying silver bullion or coinage to the issuer of the certificate.

1932 - 1964 Silver Quarter is 90% silver. Use the Silver Melt Value calculator to see the value of silver in this coin. This...

Precious metals also be held in an IRA, but investing in bullion requires a custodian.

1878 - 1921 Silver Morgan Dollar is 90% silver, and is classified as "junk silver" (read more about junk silver). Use the Silver Value...

President Ford legalized the private ownership of all precious metals, but is holding gold still fully legal?

Details of the 1948 - 1963 Franklin Half Dollar.

After weighing the evidence, it seems more likely that silver is poised for a bullish future.

The Gold Confiscation of 1933 is the single most draconian economic act in the history of the United States. Could It Happen Again?

A recent study by Ibbotson Associates, commissioned by Bullion Management Services Inc., confirms holding a percentage of precious metals increases a portfolio's return on investment.
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