Chinese Can Steal Technology, but Not Silver

United States law enforcement is struggling to combat aggressive Chinese spying.? Multiple Chinese government agencies are stealing American technologies from American corporations.

From a USA Today article, “The Chinese ar putting a full-court press in this area. … They are trying to flatten out the world as fast as possible,” said Joel Brenner, a national counter intelligence executive. “One of the ways [the Chinese] accelerate that process is economic espionage. If you can steal something rather than figure it out yourself, you save years. You gain an advantage.

Economic espionage continues to be a growing problem, and with the Chinese growing at this rate – stealing will happen faster.

And according to the USA Today reporter David Lynch, some cases individuals stealing trade secrets are from top Beijing officials. FBI agents found Chi Mak, 66, with four Chinese “task lists” in Mak’s trash.

These lists from the Chinese instructed Mak to join professional associations and attend industry research seminars. Other lists, which the FBI has said instructed Mak to obtain specific information about technologies such as “aircraft carrier electronic systems,” and “submarine propulsion systems.”

Mak once an engineer is now serving time as a prisoner in Los Angeles’ Metropolitan Detention Center.

The Chinese will continue to steal important Governmental and private information; however, the Chinese can not steal a personal collection of physical silver stored safely away.