Dear Readers, a Short Update on Silver Monthly,

First off, let me thank you for your unbelievable loyalty and participation. You’re all an incredible bunch. This exciting ride over the last year couldn’t have happened without You. You’ve linked to us; you’ve email articles to friends and family; you’ve really sprung Silver Monthly to new, amazing heights. Thank you, and I hope I can continue to add tremendous value right back to you.

Second, as I try to publish only the very best quality article, I’ve run into some difficulties. Finding quality writers. However, this is about to change. Recently Silver Monthly has been in talks with several authors including, David Morgan, author of “Get The Skinny on Silver” and author of “The Morgan Report.” Mr. Morgan has agreed to work with Silver Monthly on a somewhat exclusive agreement, although details of the arrangement haven’t been hammered out. So far, the general arrangement works out to Silver Monthly giving Mr. Morgan free advertising in exchange for his outstanding work –- most likely in the form of a monthly column.

Other authors have been contacted, but agreements at this time haven’t been made. John Rubino is co-author of The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit From It. And Michael Maloney author of Richdad’s Advisors: Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver. Yet, the value of giving to you, the readers, hasn’t been clearly communicated to either of these authors. And, while I can’t guarantee that I’ll get these outstanding authors to you, I can guarantee you’ll have some of the best. It’s the quality of journalism and level of relevance I can guarantee, and am working towards achieving.

It’s this work I’m striving towards that brings us to what the next year holds. Growth. This past year Silver Monthly saw impressive growth, up to 5500 visitors in this past month. Next year, Silver Monthly aims to add 1000 visitors per month, bringing the per month visitor number to 6500. And how does this relate to you? With more visitors, more revenue will be invested back into this incredible community. Also more visitors equal more community participation. More comments. More questions. It means more valuable members adding helpfulness, value, and excitement straight back to you.

So as we enter this new year, first let me thank you, the readers, for this past incredible year. And second, let us all expect next year to be even better.

A Sincere Thank You,

Adam Doolittle
Publisher and Managing Editor