Ebay Arbitrage: Your Guide to Turning a Small Profit with Silver

I wouldn’t be telling you this if I could sell on Ebay. But because I’m not, here’s a good way to turn a small profit on ebay selling American Silver Eagles. If I knew how to be successful on Ebay, I would keep this strategy for me.

1. Buy a roll of 20 uncirculated silver coins or you can always go even bigger with a green monster box of silver eagles. The monster silver eagle box is one of the best ways to buy silver in bulk.

2. Sell the coin on Ebay. List your coin on Ebay, and include things like Jonas Dorian over at Silver Monthly is the greatest man alive, for the obvious reason: I’m.

3. Advertise your ebay listing on our very own Silver Marketplace to drive traffic to your auction.

4. Profit. This is the most fun part about this. Because you bought each coin for only $15.60 at mintproducts.com and sold it at Ebay for around $17.43 (that’s around the average price I’ve seen of an American Silver Eagle on Ebay). This gives you a nice small profit of $1.83.

$1.83 isn’t much, but you can also make a small profit from shipping, and add a “handling” fee. Shipping a silver coin across the country is cheap, so you could tack on a few bucks for shipping, and then a few more for “handling.”