Gold Gazette's Top Five

The Gold Gazette, a newer destination for gold investors has written several articles of excellent quality, but the web isn’t showing any favors. So I’d like to point you to some of them to read.

1. Gold Coins or Gold EFT? — the debate continues with this piece about the differences between investing in gold using physical bullion or paper. the Gazette’s conclusion? “It’s the difference between a technical investor or a fundamental investor that will decide the Gold ETF or gold coins,” explains the Gazette writer.

2. Foreign Government Gold Coins — with the hundreds of coins minted for investors and collectors a like the decision becomes, not to buy gold or not, but what gold coin to use as the investment. The Gazette says, “Unless you are a collector, the investor should stick with his or her domestically minted coin then move to the staples such as the Canadian Maple Leaf or the South African Krugerrand because of the well know status these coins command.”

3. IRA Investors Increasingly Turning to Precious Metals — While this article is a news piece, it does highlight the fact that many investors miss. IRAs can be used as gold investment vehicles. On the same note, the Gazette explains in another article How to Invest in Gold Using an IRA.

4. Answering the question, Are Gold Proof Coins Worth More Than Regular Gold Bullion? — the Gazette writes explaining why proof coins can be worth more than regular gold bullion. And, even if the proof coins can be worth more, proof coins might not be the best investment. Regular gold bullion fills the bill for almost all investors, while proof coins are for the collecting types.

5. Why is Gold Going Down in This Stock Market Panic? — a guest writer for the Gazette explains the gold market decline during the larger financial market meltdown. “As long as enough of these hedge fund managers are selling, gold will continue to stay at current levels,” notes Jeremy Stevent.