JM Competitive Pricing and Exceptional Customer Service

JM Bullion was launched in late 2011 by two entrepreneurs, Michael, and Jonathan, who truly have a passion for the precious metals market. While the (retail) precious metal market is far from an untapped niche, they noticed that there were needs that other metal retailers didn’t. Those needs like a user-friendly website, dedicated support and investor-friendly features like Automatic Investment Program. Overview

As the title says, most shoppers couldn’t be happier with JM Bullion. Their prices are the lowest anywhere 99% of the time, and weekly sales present the opportunity to buy bullion at a slight premium over spot.

After establishing a relationship with a few orders, the e-check option (EFT withdrawal) makes ordering even easier. Add in the always free shipping, and it can’t be beaten. Free shipping, and delivery in about a week.

Customer service is quick to reply with answers to any question. A few shoppers noted, they never had a bad experience and will continue to deal exclusively with JM Bullion.

Payment Methods Accepted by JMBullion

When buying gold or silver from, you have the option to pay by check, bank wire transfer, credit card or PayPal. Below outlines requirements and restrictions for each method of payment.

  • Paper Check – When paying by paper check there is no minimum order requirement. Also keep in mind that this includes cashier’s checks and money orders as well as personal checks. For a paper check payment, there is a maximum of $10,000 for first time customers.
  • Bank-Wire Transfer – When paying by bank wire your order must be at least $2,500. When choosing this method, you will receive a 4% discount over the credit card price. For first time customers, there is a maximum order size of $100,000.
  • Credit Card – When paying for your order using a credit card keep in mind there is a 4% processing fee. There is also a lower maximum order of $5,000. (Debit or American Express Gift Cards count as a Credit Card payment)
  • PayPal – When paying by PayPal there is a $10,000 maximum order size with the standard minimum of $100. JM Bullion states that all orders paid for using PayPal must be shipped to the verified PayPal shipping address because of a higher risk of fraud associated with this method. Like credit card orders, PayPal orders are also subject to a 4% processing charge.

JM Bullion Pricing

JM Bullion currently has some of the lowest prices over spot that we have found for physical gold and silver bullion.  JM Bullion has some of the cheapest shipping rates in the industry (free shipping on all orders). The spot prices displayed on JM Bullion’s website change by the second, making them extremely accurate.

Once you have picked the coins or bars you want to purchase and were in the checkout process, your price is locked in for 10 minutes (this finalizes once you put the order through).

Selection at

JMbullion focuses on the essentials. As of right now JM Bullion carries gold bars in sizes of 1 and 10 grams, as well as 1 ounce. They have 1/10 ounce and 1 oz American Eagle coins. Their silver inventory consists of 5, 10 and 100 ounce bars, 1 ounce rounds and 1, 20, 25 and 500 coin sets of American Eagles and Maple Leaves. Over the past few years, they’ve continued to add products and categories to

JM Bullion BBB Complaints

JM Bullion has had 72 Complaints with the BBB over the past three years which averages out to about 24 per year. A majority of these complaints fall under the “problems with products/services” category. According to BBB, JM Bullion has made a good faith effort to resolve each issue.

Currently, the company’s BBB profile shows that they have an A+ rating. At the time of our review, there were no known government actions filed against the company and they appeared to use legitimate marketing techniques.

User Reviews

As a new precious metals buyer I had a lot of questions. I researched service ratings and costs and decided to use JM Bullion. I was not disappointed. The friendly staff quickly answered my questions and I made my purchase. The costs were the best I could find, shipping extremely fast, and the product was exactly as expected. I look forward to a long relationship with JM Bullion. Fantastic!Mark

Very happy and satisfied repeat customer. I have made small and large purchases with JMB and have enjoyed excellent products, competitive pricing and great shipping EVERY time. I have used all the big name dealers and JMB is one of the best there is. Buy with absolute confidence with this quality operation. And I love the FREE SHIPPING!George

I have placed 10 orders with JM Bullion in the 12 months, ranging from a few hundred to thousands of $. The prices have been competitive, the shipping has been reasonably fast and the one time I had an issue (had to go to the post office and pay $1.50 to get my shipment due to insufficient postage) I contacted JM Bullion and was offered a $5 off coupon for my next order which was satisfactory.John M.