Junk Silver Ratings: Top 5 Places to Find Junk Silver

Coins may be call “junk silver,” but far from a junkie investment. Junk silver is a term thrown-on the coins by coin collectors because most of these coins won’t have a collector’s value. But junk silver has value in the eyes of silver investors. So, where do you find your next silver investment in junk silver? We’ll cover the top 5 places to find junk silver. Rated from number one to five, we’ve listed five places to find junk silver as an investment.

1. eBay

Rated number one because junk silver in thousands of varieties abounds on eBay. If you’re looking for $5 or $1,000 of junk silver almost any amount can be found on eBay. In addition to the amount of junk silver, eBay also provides information on the credibility of each seller. As an investor buying your next asset, finding an honest seller could mean the difference between profit or loss.

If you do decide to use eBay, it’s easier to find junk silver if you search for more particular junk silver. For example searching eBay for “junk silver” will turn up fewer results than searching for terms like pre-1964 U.S. Circulated Quarters or Batch of Silver 1964 Nickels. Also be aware of the sellers rating, the seller’s information can be found to the right of a listing under the heading: “Meet the Seller.” These ratings will provide you with the honesty and credibility of the seller.

2. Provident Metals

Provident Metals almost specializes in Junk Silver. With some of the lowest prices around, Provident Metals almost beat eBay if it weren’t for the selection. Even still, the selection at Provident Metals is impressive. With the ease of use on the Provident Metals website, you’ll be breezing through the selection with as much junk silver as you’d like without hassle. Add that to the stellar reputation of Provident Metals and you have yourself with a stable place to buy junk silver.

3. C.C. Silver & Gold Inc.

C.C. Silver & Gold Inc., this company offers a more professional approach. And for investors with a large purchase of $1,000 or more, C.C. is a better option than eBay. Unlike CMI, C.C. seems to have more coin choices as well, as of now C.C.’s website is showing options for Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, and 90% Silver coins with U.S. Half-dollars, Quarters, and Dimes all dated before 1964.

While browsing the selection, I noticed non-users will be confused at the process of purchasing what she is looking for. I had a hard time knowing what pull-down option to choose. So, if you don’t use the Internet well, CMI might be a better option.

4. CMI Gold & Silver

CMI Gold & Silver offers junk silver bags to investors worried about professional businesses. Just take a look at the spotless design of CMI’s website. Now there’s a professional website. A professional website does not necessarily increase the returns of an investor, and in this case CMI does offer junk silver at the same premium of silver bullion.

One of the downfalls of CMI is the lack of an on-line store. CMI wants buyers to call CMI as to “help you make the right decision for your precious metal investment.” However, professional CMI’s website, requiring investors to call CMI is rather inconvenient. For the Internet users, CMI is not for you; however, for some CMI is the place.

5. Monex Deposit Company

Monex, with the professional image CMI casts, Monex casts the same. Or it might be egotism, either way Monex says it “[has] led the industry in silver coin investing programs.” But that claim is hard to verify. Again, Internet shoppers will be disappointed because Monex wants you to call an account representative before you can make a purchase.

To concluded this article in rather simple terms, if you love the Internet use eBay, Lynn Coins, or C.C. Silver & Gold Inc., but if not use CMI or Monex. Likewise, if you have a limited amount of money, less than $500, use eBay, or Lynn Coins, but if you have more than $500 go to C.C. Silver & Gold Inc, CMI, or Monex.