New Social Utility for Bullion Investors and Collectors


We’ve all heard about Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, but those offer gold and silver investors very little in terms of connecting with other bullion enthusiasts. does just that. It simplifies and strengthens the connections between silver and gold investors.

Right now, there’s only one user Me; but it will be interesting to watch the site. It has the potential to build up the network, which will increase the value of signing up.


It offers users the ability to keep regular friends and connections on other sites (like and make new friends on a focused site. Basically, it allows you to separate the group connections make in different areas of your life.

Check it out.

Be sure to keep an eye out for this site. It might enhance your investing and collecting life. It might not. The jury is still out. For all those investors who pride themselves on being the early adapters, sign up and see what you think.

Join the Group

Right now there’s also only one group. A group for Ron Paul lovers. So, if you have no other reason to join, then join for the sole sake of supporting Ron Paul. And, you’ll be able to see others support him as well.