Newt Gingrich: A 2012 FDR?

Earlier this year, Silver Monthly examined the campaign platforms of Republican presidential candidates Herman Cain and Ron Paul. Next up in our ongoing series is Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House who has surprisingly surged to the head of the pack – for the time being, anyway. Gingrich was a leader of the 1994 “Republican Revolution” and “Contract With America,” which turned out to be, in the minds of most people, abject failures. However, with former front-runners like Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, and now Cain dropping by the wayside, Newt is making his move. Here’s what silver investors need to know:


Although he is considered by most to be a staunch conservative, Gingrich actually lists FDR as the greatest president of the twentieth century. He also said that FDR would be his choice to be added to Mount Rushmore. FDR, of course, was the father of the New Deal; a whole new outlook on the relationship between citizens and their government, in direct opposition with the view of the founding fathers and what most people would consider “conservative.” Thus, it is not surprising to see that’s list of “solutions” are full of big-government problems.

Executive Orders

Gingrich says he will sign as many as two-hundred executive orders the day he takes office. Will one be an order to confiscate gold and silver? This is how his hero FDR accomplished the nation’s first and as-of-yet only gold confiscation. But while that may be a little far-fetched, the truth is that Gingrich has spoken favorably of RomneyCare, the individual-mandate “universal healthcare” that is the prototype for the dreaded ObamaCare. This is hardly conservative, but more in line with what we might expect from a 2012 version of FDR.

Big-Government Conservative

Gingrich says he will balance the budget, but his own campaign currently has more than $1 million in debt. Plus, Gingrich has numerous plans to spend taxpayer’s money on big-government objectives, such as his American Energy Plan. It should also be noted that Gingrich has been a paid lobbyist for ethanol interests.

Gingrich supported the 2004 addition of Medicare drug coverage, a $7.2 trillion unfunded mandate, and said in 2011 that he does not regret it. While he was in Congress, he cosponsored the anti-free speech Fairness Doctrine, voted to create a National Police Corps, supported NAFTA and GATT, voted for No Child Left Behind, and, in 1996, he encouraged a Democrat to switch parties in an effort to defeat Ron Paul in the Republican primary.

Religious Extremist?

If you’ve been reading along, you’ll have already noticed a pattern: Gingrich has very little, or perhaps no respect at all, for property rights. He plans to use executive orders to regulate what we can do with our bodies and our money, and he openly calls for tax-and-spend policies that Republicans of a prior generation would have decried as “socialist.” But perhaps nowhere is Gingrich’s opposition to property rights more evident than in his call for the owner of the New York City mosque near “Ground Zero” to be prohibited from doing what he wants with his land and capital. This is part of Gingrich’s religious paranoia that also has him talking about plots by “secular radicals” on his web site’s “solutions” page, and, of course, his overzealous support for the so-called War on Terror. For instance, Gingrich called for publishers like WikiLeaks to be labeled as “enemy combatants,” and thus subject to imprisonment and even execution without trial: now that’s extreme!

Very Little To Like

In reviewing Newt Gingrich’s record and platform, there is very little for the silver investor to like. Although it is no secret that Silver Monthly has always been partial to Ron Paul, Herman Cain at least had some interesting ideas, and seemed to have his heart in the right place. With Newt Gingrich, however, the only thing that can be said for him is that he’s not Barrack Obama. America deserves better.