Pure Silver Coins: An Investor’s Delight

Pure silver coins offer an opportunity in the face of a declining dollar, fears of inflation, collector’s ambition, or pure curiosity. To the investor it’s alternative to paper investments, and to the collector it’s ascetic and rare qualities. Either collector or investor pure silver coins are a selection for both. And, these coins are readily available from dealers, on the Internet, and at-or-in auctions.

As a pure silver coin, the coin needs to have 90-99% of silver. Indeed, many countries, such as U.S.A., United Kingdom, Mexico, China, and Australia produce an ounce of pure silver.

Examples of these silver coins are U.S. silver eagles, to the Canadian silver maple leaf, Chinese Panda, British sovereign and the variety issued by the Australian Mints.

More for the collector, but even coins featuring famous people are available from the late Princess Diana, Marylyn Monroe; even John Wane has a silver coin minted after him.

A quick search on the net will net you hundreds of varying types and styles and mintages but all with the same theme of purse silver but in different sizes from one troy ounce up to one-kilo coins.

If you do decide to seek out and buy pure silver coin sets, then be sure to buy from a reputable dealer–or the mint directly, if possible. Ensure the quality of the coin is near proof, proof or brilliant un-circulated. Also ensuring the coin is sealed in the original container and has a certificate to go with it will help maintain the value of the coin.

Indeed, it can be heaps of fun collecting a pure silver coin or set of coins or profitable for investors. Regardless of investor or collector these pure silver coins will shine into the future.