3 Resources for Junk Silver Investors

If you are just beginning in the junk silver investing you may not be aware of some of the unique opportunities that present themselves in silver coin investing. Understanding the market is just the tip of the iceberg in the junk silver business. Having a grasp on the terminology, best investing practices, lucrative markets will help you determine whether to investing your silver coins or hold onto to them until a better deal comes along.

In either case, there are three resources that any potential junk silver investor should have at his disposal; a buying and selling guide that lists the silver content of commonly investing coins, a melt value calculator that will give you the gross value based on the number of coins in a batch, and a list of markets that silver coins are likely to be found in.

Junk Silver: The Ultimate Guide for Buyers, Sellers, and Investors

The Ultimate Guide for Buyers, Sellers, and Investors will introduce new silver coin investors to the business of junk silver. The no nonsense approach explains why junk silver coins are labeled “junk” in the first place. It provides a listing of American and Canadian coins that are frequently investing as well as their silver composition. This list is invaluable for a novice investor because it allows you to see the silver content of a particular year of coin before you agree to a price.

It also covers how to make instant profits through spot investing and a discussion of junk silver vs. bullion. This is a must bookmark for anyone serious about investing in the junk silver market.

Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator

Another resource that a junk silver investor needs is a melt value calculator. This online calculator will figure out the silver coins value in any amount input into the online interface. You can customize the calculator to figure the value of coins at different market prices. The current market price is displayed in a graphic that covers a one month investing period. This allows you to find out your current investment value without having to have multiple browsers open.

With a silver coin melt value calculator you can determine that price at which you will make an acceptable profit. It will also allow you to figure out what quantities of coins you should be looking for to turn the type of profits you want. This is another must have resource for the serious junk silver investor.

Junk Silver Ratings: Top 5 Places to Find Junk Silver

Of course, all the knowledge in the world doesn’t do you a lick of good if you can’t act on it. You need to have a list of markets that buy junk silver. In “Top 5 Places to Find Junk Silver” you’ll find exactly that. This guide offers three online sites and two phone in companies that either specialize in junk silver or have enough available to make it worth your while. Even if you’ve heard of a few of these places, it’s still a great read with several tips for which markets are suited to particular types of investors.

Once you’ve become familiar with these resources, you’ll feel far more comfortable beginning junk silver investing and maybe even turn it into a very profitable hobby.