Short Story on Financial Education

special-reportIn 2006, Silver Monthly started partly to boost the financial education. The other reason was to provide an outlet for speaking for a free market, free country, and honest money. But back to the start. In 2006, Silver Monthly started pretty rough. In fact some of our earliest articles are a bit embarrassing.

A year later, 2007, I had the incredible opportunity to meet J.D. Seagraves. From there the article quality improved dramatically. In fact, Seagraves has authored most, if not all, of the best articles on Silver Monthly. He’s been an incredible part of Silver Monthly.

J.D. Seagraves has also added to our original mantra: financial education for free markets. Seagraves has pushed both aims forward more than any other author here at Silver Monthly.

With his help, Silver Monthly just pushed past 270 incredibly researched and authored articles. Each article has increased the financial education for those who’ve consumed the words. Those who’ve read Silver Monthly have really been feeding their minds.


For the past two months, J.D. has been working on a special report. Silver Monthly has never published a special report. Never. It’s been a lot of work going from the first rough articles to today’s articles–which is why I’m excited to introduce an amazing piece of work by J.D. It’s over 34 pages of financial education for the silver investor.

However, this report isn’t for everyone. In fact, is specifically designed for a select group of silver investors. For those investors who’ve just entered the silver investing world, this report is just for you. This exclusive Silver Monthly report is a guide to the Silver Investing World. It answers two basic questions: Why invest in Silver? And How to invest in silver?

Gain Instant Access

Improve your financial intelligence today. With our exclusive Silver Investing Report you gain immediate risk-free access to 34 pages of great information to help guide through the silver investing world. Instantly you can be on your way to a richer financial education. Remember as Warren Buffett would caution, “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” Take a little risk out of your investing by adding a little financial education.