Silver-based Products for Horse Care Introduced

EquiFit, Inc., a company based in Dedham, Massachusetts, that sells products for horses and their riders, has launched a new line of silver-based products that includes AgSilver CleanBalm, CleanGel, CleanTalc and CleanWash. These products are follow-ups to SilverClene24 spray, which offers a non-toxic way to kill viruses, fungi and bacteria in equine environments.

The AgSilver Clean products, based on AgION technology, are non-toxic and free of chemical detergents, synthetic fragrances and colors, according to EquiFit officials.

AgSilver CleanBalm is a petroleum-based ointment for use on shallow cuts, nicks, rubs or abscess drains to control and reduce bacterial, fungal and viral infestation. It contains pure petrolatum and microcrystalline wax with the consistency of a lip balm.

AgSilver CleanGel is a thermoplastic elastomer sheet, impregnated with silver ions. The therapeutic wrap can be used for the treatment of viral, bacterial and fungal infections of wounds. The salt and moisture on the animal’s skin activates the release of the silver ions, and the mineral oil acts as an emollient against dry skin.

AgSilver CleanTalc is made from medical-grade talc and the silver additive can be used directly on the skin, on manes or tails, or on saddle pads, boots and wraps to control odor and kill infectious organisms. It is especially useful in controlling fungal skin conditions. Unlike many talc-based products currently available, CleanTalc contains no added fragrances.

The last new product is AgSilver CleanWash, a shampoo that controls fungal and bacterial infections of the skin. It can be used on infected areas or as a preventative against possible infestation of microorganisms and other parasites.