Silver Blog Bash, the Reader Contest to Win Silver

To celebrate the launch of the Silver Blog, the Blog and Silver Monthly are having the Silver Blog Bash. From Sunday April 5th to Saturday April 11th 2009 the Silver Blog Bash will officially run.

As of right now, we have American Silver Eagles to give away, and we are hoping David Morgan, Jason Hommel, and others also step in to give away some gifts. This is where I need your help; if you know of any coin dealers, newsletter or book authors that would enjoy giving away prizes as well as getting publicity for being a sponsor, please email me at: Your help would be graciously appreciated.

Now, let me introduce the Silver Blog. The Silver Blog is a blend of social media tools you might be familiar with. It’s a blog (weblog) listing all the stories users submit. At the same time the Silver Blog is a tool users can use to rate stories others have submitted. Think Digg, Mixx, or StumbleUpon but exclusively for Silver Investors.

As for the Silver Blog Bash, there’s five different ways you can win.

New User — 10 Winners with $50 account credit.

To win this contest all you have to do is register at the blog. In our database each user receives a unique numerical ID, so when the contest gets underway we will use a random number generator to pick a random user who registered. Registering is easy, all it takes is a username, email, and password. When the contest gets started be sure to register — its the easiest way to win.

Comments — 5 Winners get a Signed copy of The Collapse of the Dollar

To win the comment contest, all you have to do is comment on a story another user has submitted (check out this example). Don’t worry for the comment contest you won’t have to register. You will, however, be required to make a valueable comment: no off topic comments or spam will win. The winner(s) will be chosen just like the New User winners in that each comment has a unique numerical ID. To pick the winner(s) we’ll use a random number generator to pick out random numbers, which then become our comment contest winners. Check out the most recent stories and leave a thoughtful comment.

Most Comments — 1 lucky Winner will get to speak with David Morgan for 30 min.

The most comment contest will require a little more work than the other contest, but will also have much better prizes. The winner(s) of this contest will be the user(s) who submit the most comments over the duration of the contest. You can see the ‘Top Commentators’ on the right side of the blog right below ‘Top Submitters.’ For comments to qualify for this contest, each comment must be relevant, at least a little bit thoughtful, and can’t be spam in anyway.

Most Stories Submitted — 1 winner will get a sealed roll of 2006 Silver Eagles (20 coins)

Similar to the most comments made, the winner(s) of the Most Stories Submitted will be the user(s) who submit the largest number of relevant, quality stories. Duplicate stories will not be counted. For this contest, users will have to register (and will be entered in the new user contest) and submit stories relevant to the silver market. Submitting new stories is incredibly easy, just visit the ‘Submit New‘ link and fill out the details of the link you are submitting. Be sure to do a quick search to see if your story is a duplicate before submitting a new story.

Highest Voted Link — 1 winner will receive 10 silver rounds from

As you can see, each link submitted by a user has an vote count to the left of the story link. To win the Highest Voted Link, the user(s) must accumulate the largest number of votes on one link he or she submits. Right now with three votes, the highest voted story is the welcome post for the Silver Blog. I know someone can submit a better story.


Please leave a comment in the form below or email for questions about the contest. And remember the contest is coming soon, so be sure to come back to have some fun and the chance to win some silver!

Silver Blog Bash Prizes!

This list will be updated as the sponsors update Silver Monthly for the Silver Blog Bash.

1. Talk with David one on one for 1/2 hour ($187.50)

2. 5 signed copies of The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit from It: Make a Fortune by Investing in Gold and Other Hard Assets by James Turk and John Rubino ($14.95/copy).

3. 10 Silver Rounds provided by Each silver round is .999 fine silver weighing 1 troy ounce. ($153.90)

4. 10 accounts with a $50 credit per account at — buy or sell silver bullion for free at this new auction site.