Silver Bullion Coins

Many different governments make silver bullion coins, such as the American Silver Eagle, the Australian Nugget, and the South African Krugerrand, and the Canadian Maple Leaf.

Most, if not all, silver coins are one ounce, and varying purities. For example the American Silver Eagle is one ounce of 99.99% silver, as well as the Canadian Maple Leaf.

Silver bullion coins have an international appeal because of the purity and authenticity of the weight. The U.S. Mint guarantees the weight and purity of each Silver Eagle minted. And in most parts of the world, you can find coin dealers who will buy or sell you silver coins.

Unlike bullion bars, Silver coins can be traded without being cleared or checked for accuracy and authenticity. Bullion bars do not have a guarantee therefore the weight, purity, and authenticity must be verified before a sale is made.

Also, unlike silver bullion bars, your silver coin portfolio can be sold at different times. If you wanted to sell a portion of your portfolio because each coin is only one ounce then you could choose any amount to sell and keep the rest of your portfolio. Compared to bullion bars, which need to be sold whole.

Silver coins offer an investor’s portfolio equilibrium and security because of the guarantee of the U.S. Mint, and the international demand and recognition.