Silver Coin Appraisal

As an investor or as a collector, silver coin appraisal tops the list of importance. Appraising the coins ensures the real and true value of the silver coins–especially if a coin is rare and, or unusual.

In you have a significant silver coin collection then a regular appraisal is important for insurance purposes. A loss through fire or burglary can be devastating both financial as well as emotionally and, while insurance cannot compensate for the emotional loss, at least it can compensate you for the financial loss you may suffer.

Therefore it is quite important that a proper appraisal of your silver, and indeed, any other valuables you may have, is done to establish the true value of your coin collection. Remember, value is determined by demand, scarcity, and condition—not your personal opinion.

Have a professional coin dealer, who is also a member of a respected coin association in your country, to appraise the coin or coin collection. A professional is usually the best option. However, there are now several coin appraisal websites that will give you a rough estimate.

In this particular instance, using an online resource like eBay is extremely helpful. Search eBay for a similar coin such as yours, look for year, condition, and other similarities as close to your coin as possible. Then look for the bid prices to see what your coin may be worth.

Another on-line resource is on-line coin dealers; sometimes you can find the coin(s) you have online and see what online dealers are charging for them. This gives you some idea of its value. Keep in mind, however, that dealers will add her own mark up to the price, so you won’t get the some amount a dealer asks for.

But, for an off-line option go to the library. Coin appraisal books are available at most local libraries. While the books maybe out-of-date, the coin appraisal books will still offer a close rough estimate.

You will have to pay for a professional coin grading service, but the small amount you pay is worth it to get a proper assessment of the value. You’ll need to ensure that you get a written statement from the professional service that fully describes each coin and the estimated value as of the date you have grading done.

Another aspect to be mindful of is the condition and quality of the coin. Silver coins are graded according to a specific system and your coin will fall somewhere on that grading system. This system is also easily found on the net.

Lastly keep in mind that coins in sets of coins and proof coins generally are worth more than single coins.