Investing Silver Eagle Ratings: Top 5 Best Places to Buy American Silver Eagles

Silver Eagle Ratings: Top 5 Best Places to Buy American Silver Eagles

silver-eagle-ratingsWhere are the best deals on-line for silver eagles? Well it’s a lot harder to say than you think. In fact, if you search for ‘american silver eagles’ over 75 Million (that’s 75,000,000) websites show up. On top of that, there’s multiple coin dealers specializing in different order sizes for each type of investor. By that I mean, there’s a coin dealer that will cater to your individual needs–all it takes is finding that dealer.

That’s where this article helps. We recognize the issues that arise when ranking coin dealers because there’s just so many. This list should ideally be used as a starting point for more research. The rankings look at dealers from the perspective of different investors: from tiny to very large investors. Each investor category remains based on the size of a potencial investment. That is, each investor type will usually be looking for an investment to match her portfolio size.

bullet_2_s3_blueBest for Mini Orders: 1 oz.

eBay takes the stage for mini orders because of the diversity an investor could sift through looking for even just one ounce. Because of the number of sellers competing against one another, the prices for each ounce tend to stay within $1 to $2 dollars over the current spot price. eBay also shows the credibility of each coin dealer (a major plus), so the risk of being ripped off is minimized.

Now, when using eBay some will find the extensive list a bit chaotic. So, if you decide to plunge into eBay searching for more specific dates of coins or types of silver ealges works better than the generic search. Good Luck!

Honorable Mention: has recently added silver eagle coins to the vast selection and these coins are priced near eBay prices (low markup), the only down side remains the short amount of time has listed Silver Eagles (this might just be a testing phase).

bullet_2_s3_blueBest for Small Orders: 10 oz. to 100 oz. takes the next spot for small orders. This site remains attractive because of the price, selection, and flexability in order size. You can order in odd coin amounts. not only has competitively priced coins, but also one of the larger selections of silver eagles dating all the way back to 1986 (the first silver eagle date!). Along side the price and selection is the order size flexiblity: if you want you can order 13, 56, 89 or more. While other dealers require ordering in sets of 10-20 coins, give you the choice in order size.

One draw back remains the fee for credit card orders. If you decide to order from them and use a credit card a 3.2% fee is added to the order. But fear not, they have other payment options such as personal check, money orders, bank/cashiers check and the standard credit cards and PayPal options.

bullet_2_s3_blueBest of Medium Orders: 100 oz. to 499 oz. takes the lead in terms of medium orders. has a very low mark up compared to other dealers in the same category. They’ve been recommended by the non-profit GATA (Gold Anti-trust Action Committee). You do have to call (866) 303-0781, to lock in the price, but with the small $3.09 markup over spot, it’s worth the call.

The runner up in this category was Jason Hommel’s new bullion shop ( Mr. Hommel, however, lost out with a higher mark up ($3.55 over spot).

bullet_2_s3_blueBest for Large Orders: 500 oz. takes the lead for orders of 500 ounces or more. Here’s where the benefit comes to larger orders: smaller and smaller markups. seems to have around a $2.35 markup above spot. Second, while you’re shopping for more silver to add to your already large silver portfolio, be sure to watch some of the best videos on the silver industry.

Second place for Large Orders goes to Northwest Territorial Mint ( where they sell large orders for  $2.79 dollars above the silver spot price. Note: some on-line forum members warn about using NWT mint because of the extremely long delays for orders.

bullet_2_s3_blueBest for Very Large Orders

Use on of the national bullion dealers approved from the U.S. Mint. For example A-Mark Precious Metals. You will, however, have to call the account manager to set up a new account before you can buy from A-Mark. Other National Dealers include, CMI Gold and Silver, Inc, Goldline International, and Monex Deposit Company.

In the End,

It’s all about figuring out which dealer fits your personal investment criteria. Whether you’re ordering large or small amounts of silver, there’s a good silver dealer on the other side wating to serve you. Finding that great dealer remains the easy part after figuring out where in the investment world you are.

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