Silver Rounds From Provident Metals: Great Price, Great Service

A while back our ‘Silver Rounds Review‘ highlighted some of the best deals companies offered. It wasn’t a complete review. We missed one of the best companies offering silver rounds: Provident Metals. First off, I’d like to point out Provident Metals is a sponsor of Silver Monthly, but as you’ll soon see, this review won’t be biased because of their sponsorship. Provident Metals is truly offering the best deals for silver rounds.

But before we dive into what I think, let’s turn to an actual customer. As they posted on a popular gold and silver forum, one Provident Metals customer explained, “I am impressed with Provident‘s service. My orders have been packed well and shipped in a reasonable time frame. I had to have some special shipping on my first order. Provident went out of their way to help with the order. All in all, excellent service.”

To start off, let’s review the amount of silver rounds Provident Metals offer. 6 different silver rounds are available from Provident Metals. From the most popular silver round the Buffalo design, the Incuse Indian design, Saint Gaudens mold, both Morgan and Peace Dollar replica, and finally the Englhard Prospector. Apart from the different designs, Provident Metals offers different ounces per design. From the traditional 1 ounce, to fractional, half-quarter, even 10 ounce weights, they give the consumer the choice in various ounces. Provident Metals has one, if not the one, largest selection of unique silver rounds designs.

Next to the unique designs offered, Provident Metals goes further and farther than most with extremely fast shipping. As another customer of Provident Metals illustrated, “Phenomenal. Just made my first PM purchase of any kind (1oz silver rounds)…couldn’t find a better price over spot all inclusive of shipping/CC fees, and couldn’t be any happier with the time it took to show up at my door (~3 days). Thank you!” This customer explained it best when he said he couldn’t be happier with the fast shipping Provident Metals provides.

As for the website functionality, Provident Metals provides real time price quotes, so there’s no need to call them up for a price quote. It’s right there on-line. As for security, Provident Metals has 24/7 secure on-line ordering backed by Veri-sign. In fact, unlike some precious metals dealers, Provident Metals accepts all the major credit cards. It’s extremely convenient to order on-line from Provident Metals.

Now for the most important feature for investors. Price. The value of an investment remains the price you pay. Great assets at high prices are always mediocre investments. That’s the best part of Provident Metals, great investments at great prices. As for the silver rounds, all freshly minted silver rounds are only $0.99 over spot. They even offer some mixed type silver rounds at an even lower price over spot: $0.89. They — by far — beat other dealers with price.

Who Is Provident Metals?

As their website explains, “We are a premier provider of international and domestic bullion, currency, and numismatic coins located in the North Dallas suburbs with over 100 years of cumulative experience in the industry.” In fact, it’s with this experience they’ve gained the authorized dealer status of PCGS, Professional Coin Grading Service, NGC, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, NCS, the Numismatic Conservation Service, and the PMG, the Paper Money Guaranty Corporation.

Finally as yet another Provident Metals customer explained, “Ive had many excellent orders from Provident Metals. Shipping is very competitive, lower than most bigger PM dealers and their prices are excellent. No minimums to get yourself a great discount,” He continues. “I have nothing but great things to say about [Provident]. 5 stars from me”