Reviews Silver Rounds Review: 5 Best Places to Buy Silver Rounds

Silver Rounds Review: 5 Best Places to Buy Silver Rounds

Surprisingly there are few places to buy silver rounds. Silver rounds, the investment option with the lowest premium, isn’t the most popular choice for many investors. Yet, even with the limited retailers, there are some excellent choices. Below, we’ve organized the silver rounds sellers into categories based on order size: best for 1oz orders, small, medium, large orders.

While still taking into consideration the customer service, return policy, and reputation, the single most influential factor remained price. Each seller for each category was the lowest price we could find (if you know of a better option drop a comment below).

Best All Around

The Best All Around review goes to Provident Metals, who holds its own in terms of price and service. Provident Metals gets the Best All Around review because of the number designs available, I counted six different designs; the small or large ordering size available; in addition to designs and order sizes, the price is extremely competitive and reasonable, which is why Provident Metals wins in Best All Around.

Best for 1 oz Orders

this was the hardest to find a place to buy super small orders. The place to buy as little as one ounce was Littleton Coin Company. The price, however, was absurd. Littleton offers a “Snowman Season’s Greetings 1 oz. Silver Round” for an absurd markup above the price of silver. For investors, it doesn’t make sense to order a single ounce of silver at such a high premium. It’s a much better idea to order small orders of 10 or more silver rounds because of the premium on a single once.

In addition to Littleton Coin Company, Provident Metals excels in providing single ounce orders as well. And with the number of unique designs, Provident Metals makes it easy to diversify your silver rounds investment portfolio.

Best for Small Orders

The options for customers looking for more than 1 oz. increase significantly. For those investors looking for 10-100 silver rounds, look to Lynn Coins. Lynn Coins provides multiple designs and options for silver rounds at an attractive price. A low premium on each product offering makes Lynn Coins the best place to buy small orders of silver rounds. One point of disappointment is the limited stock they hold. Under each product offering Lynn Coins gives customers a view of inventory–some of the time a low quantity. I could see how some might be irritated by a lower quantity than desired.

Best for Medium Orders

A relatively new company fits the bill for medium orders. TMG Silver or has a competitively priced selection of silver rounds in numbers of 100-499 at one price and above 500 at an even lower price. At this time has three designs, all replicas of beautiful coins: Peace Dollar Replica, Mercury Dime Replica, and the Buffalo Nickel Replica.

Best for Large Orders

Orders of 1,000 or more, a very large order, is best served by At $0.89 over spot, has the lowest prices for very large orders. It’s a joint-venture with a mining company, refining company, and a state of the art bullion dealer. As they explain, “Our vertical integration of process, product, and sales provides the highest quality gold and silver products at extremely competitive prices.” Shipping is extremely fast, registered and insured.

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