Silver Investing The Best Way to Buy Silver in Bulk: Silver Eagle Monster Boxes

The Best Way to Buy Silver in Bulk: Silver Eagle Monster Boxes

Enjoy Huge Cost Savings with a Silver Eagle Monster Box

Enjoy Huge Cost Savings with a Silver Eagle Monster Box

Silver Eagle Monster Boxes are a great way to purchase a large quantity of Silver Eagle coins. A monster box contains 25 plastic coin tubes. Each tube contains 20 American Silver Eagle coins. That means each sealed U.S. Mint monster box will contain 500 uncirculated American Silver Eagles! Perhaps you you are hesitant about investing in such a large quantity of American Silver Eagles at one time. There’s a huge cost savings for investors buying monster boxes.

Cost Savings

When you purchase American Eagle Silver coins, your price is based on the current market spot price. The dealer then adds a premium per silver bullion coin. The main advantage for buying Silver Eagle monster boxes is the cost savings. The greater the quantity of silver bullion coins purchased, the cheaper the price! Plus, most bullion dealers offer free shipping for large orders. Consider the average premium on single American Silver Eagles, 20% to 30% above the spot price. Whereas, the premium per coin from a monster box can be as low as 11% to 15%. While the difference seems small, multiplied over the 500 coins in one box, it becomes a huge cost savings.

But I can’t Afford It.

Now that’s a limiting statement. How about, “How can I afford it?” Much better. It’s true, even with the cost savings these monster boxes aren’t cheap. Large investors won’t notice a $9,990 investment. But for the smaller investors, this can be a little intimidating. There’s a few ways around this.

Join a few small investor together and slip the cost as well as the coin rolls. Also, you could pre-sale half the rolls on eBay to help finance. But BE CAREFUL, this is an extreme measure and there are legal issues with this. Make sure you think this one through, even then think twice, thrice, and more about it. Here are two of many ways to afford a monster box. Use your creative mind to help you figure out plan to afford a monster box–and enjoy both the huge cost savings as well as the satisfaction of accomplishing a new level of financial intelligence.

Where’s the Best Place to Find These Monster Boxes?

1. Northwest Territorial Mint – a reputable dealer indeed, however some investors have complained about the delays and time it takes to get the order in hand.

2. American Precious Metals Exchange – also a reputable dealer, however there’s better deals to be found (just look around and comparison shop a bit)

3. eBay – just search for ‘Silver Eagle Monster Box’ but be sure to bid on items from a seller with a high, positive rating