Top 5 best places to buy Silver Morgan silver dollars

Some think of silver as “junk” because it is a common metal without the high-dollar value of gold. In fact, investing in silver is not a waste of time for serious silver investors. Junk silver holds value in collective form, even if you’ve been misled by how coin collectors dismiss silver coins for their low value as individual pieces. The value of silver is seen differently by people who invest in silver. Here, we have rated the top 5 best places to buy Morgan silver dollars online. These sites are legitimate and easy to use. Don’t just take our word for it. Check them out!

1. Best All Around: offers silver bars, silver coins, silver rounds, 90 percent and 40 percent silver coins, silver bullets, and shipwreck silver. It’s easy to search the site and explore many kinds of silver coins. All you have to do is click on the image for Silver Dollars and then click on the image for Morgan Silver Dollars. As an individual entering the junk silver investment business, you want to start slow and build relationships with different buyers. On various sites like, get a feel for the reliability of sellers by testing them out.

2. Best for 1 Ounce Orders:
This site rocks because it meets the needs of every buyer, from small purchases to bulk purchases. Get free shipping on orders over $3,000, and an order usually ships out the day following clearing of your payment. A single ounce bar of silver is a small investment for silver buyers. Pay anywhere from $17 to $33 for a silver bullion bar. Prices vary by brand and fluctuate with the market. Morgan silver dollars are priced by year of mint and begin at about $20 each.

3. Best for Small Orders:
You might like this site because it is styled to attract buyers in the market for smaller silver purchases, not just large silver purchases. Offering free shipping on orders of $250 or more, here you can get your feet wet as a silver investor. Expect to explore different amounts of silver bars, for example, either by brand or by weight. You get a lower price the more you buy on this website. For example, at one point 1 to 18 silver bars sold for $18.08 each, whereas 500 or more silver bars sold for $17.12 each. It’s also wise to pay less using check or wire transfer methods versus credit card methods.

4. Best for Medium Orders:
Medium orders are not for the faint of heart. On this site, make a larger purchase of silver, and you are going to make money by turning around and selling it to the next buyer at an opportune time. This site offers free shipping for orders of $99 or more (a great bargain!) as well as silver charts and sign up for free alerts on silver prices. For example, you could buy 500 Morgan silver dollars for about $8,500 on a good day, give or take. With free alerts, keep your pulse on what the global silver market is doing.

5. Best for Large Orders:
Silver investors come to this site for placement of a large order. Some items will not be available in the quantity you want on a given day, but you can diversify. For example, purchase smaller quantities of Morgan silver dollars and monster boxes of silver coins. At one point, monster boxes of Australian Silver, Canadian Maple Leaf, and American Silver Eagle coins were priced respectively at $9,205, $9,280, and $9,420 each. Here, search for products by type, mint/brand, price, condition, composition, denomination, precious metal weight, or year of mint. This site also reveals how much they buy an item for and what your price will be for a given quantity.

It’s fun to buy silver! We hope you enjoyed this review of 5 top silver web sites for different buying interests. Remember, silver prices go up and down, but over time this metal holds great value. Determine the best time to buy and sell silver by monitoring rates per ounce or by product type on a Smartphone or computer.