Trusting God's Life Boat: (Hop on Board!)

I’m sure many of you have heard the joke-parable of a man on his rooftop during a flood.  As the floodwaters were rising, first, a man in a dingy came by and said, “get in”, and the man on the roof replied, “No Thanks, I’m praying and waiting on the Lord.”  Next, a lifeguard came by, and again, the man refused the help, saying he was waiting on the Lord.  Finally, even a helicopter was refused with the same excuse, he was waiting on the Lord.  After dying in the floodwaters, and getting to heaven, the man asks God, “Why didn’t you save me?”  God replies, “I sent you the dingy, the lifeguard and helicopter, what did you expect?”

Soon, many people are going to be asking God a similar question.  “God, I trusted you to protect my finances by living a good life, I avoided alcohol, and other sins, I’ve gone to Church daily, and prayed daily, gave to charities, gave to many Pastors, and been an overall good Christian, so how could I have lost 90-100% of my savings which I pledged to support the growth of the Kingdom of God?”

And God will have to reply,  “I gave you silver, gold, platinum and palladium.  But you didn’t want them.  Instead, you bought paper promises from anonymous men in bankrupt institutions who have a stated goal to support the fraud of the paper dollar which is not even an unjust weight and measure but a failure to pay any measure at all, so what did you expect?”

Well, maybe God won’t say all of that exactly, but I would think he would say something very similar, and as a student of the Bible, that’s what I hear him saying to me.  Whether you can hear a similar message or not, is, of course, highly debatable, which is why most people now are not listening to the instructions and provisions of God, which is my point.

My friends and readers, the 85,000 of you on this email list have about $8 billion in assets, combined.  Well, maybe only $4 billion now, after the recent asset crash.

Over the next year, if we meet our sales expectations, and turn around times, in terms of ounces of silver, then, at $10/oz., we’ll sell only $20 million of “asset protection” physical silver.  That’s $0.02 billion for the $4 billion needing protection.  Sorry, but if silver is the lifeboat we are offering, then our boats are far more limited than the limited lifeboats available for the passengers on the Titanic.

Here are two articles I wish to share:

The Greatest Wealth Transfer in the
History of Mankind Starts Now!
Michael Maloney
December 19, 2008

Key Excerpts:

With the exception of the Panic Meter, all graphs in this article are taken directly from the Federal Reserve’s website. Personally, I’m pretty sure that in a few years a chart of the price of gold will look similar to these charts, and a chart of the U.S. dollar will look like one of these charts flipped upside-down.

– – –

Step 2: Buy physical gold and silver and take possession of it (or have it stored at a third party depository).

Step 3: Avoid “Fools gold” such as:

* ETF’s, pool accounts, futures contracts, leveraged accounts etc. Many of these are just “paper contracts” with little or no gold or silver behind them.
* Collector coins with excessive premiums above the worth of their metal content. These are a better deal for the dealer than for you.

An Article For Your Favorite Mining CEO



Mining companies that supply silver to the COMEX need to find a way to turn their silver into small bars (1 oz to 100 oz), and 1 oz rounds and sell these to the public.  Already some mines are doing this by selling from their website, and they are obtaining a hefty premium over the spot price.  If your production is limited, join forces with a mine that is already merchandising silver products, or form a sales organization with other small mines.  Hire some cracker-jack salespeople; there is a big market out there! Starve the COMEX if you want to see silver sell to realistic prices.  Adjusted for inflation, the silver price of 48.00 that we saw in February of 1980, is trading at 4.00 today.  (In 1980’s dollars, silver is now selling for 4.00 an ounce!)

Next, (and still communicating to mining CEO’s), instead of keeping money in the bank, or in various kinds of short-term notes, store up silver, and show us that you believe in the product you are producing.  Instead of cash on hand, buy futures contracts, and keep rolling them over.

Coin dealers and wholesalers need to buy 5,000 oz bars from the COMEX, take delivery, and contact a refiner who will turn the silver into retail products.  If your operation is not large enough for a 5,000 oz purchase then buy silver from people like Jason Hommel, who was smart enough to start doing this on a large scale.