Twelve in ’12: Books You Should Read in the New Year

Christmas is just four days away, and New Year’s is just around the corner. If you still have shopping to do, you’ve been naughty – but Silver Monthly has gift ideas. If you’re all done and therefore on Santa’s nice list, treat yourself: Here are twelve books you should read in 2012 — Twelve in ’12.

Armed with the knowledge contained in these easy-to-read tomes, you will have a proper understanding of the nature of government and free-market economics, as well as how and why precious metals are inevitably set to skyrocket in value. Following this program allows you to combine your Christmas gift list and New Year’s Resolutions: read one of these books each month, and make 2012 your most prosperous year ever!

To be read in the following order:

  1. Gold, Peace, and Prosperity by Ron Paul
  2. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism, by Robert Murphy
  3. The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, by Thomas Woods
  4. The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution, by Kevin Gutzman
  5. The Real Lincoln, by Thomas DiLorenzo
  6. Recarving Rushmore, by Ivan Eland
  7. The Richest Man in Babylon, by George Clason
  8. Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki
  9. Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, by Michael Maloney
  10. Real Wealth, by J.D. Seagraves
  11. The Alpha Strategy, by  John Pugsley
  12. The New Libertarian Manifesto, by Samuel Edward Konkin III