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Our main focus remains connecting great writer to readers.

It’s the intelligence. It’s the intelligence. It’s the intelligence that defines Silver Monthly as no other. From the editors to each contributor, intelligence is always highly-valued at Silver Monthly. Our aim remains intelligently analyzing the silver market, investments, and policies influencing these topics.

“Any of their recent posts will give you an excellent idea as to how comprehensive this blog really is,” mentioned Bloggeries in a recent review of Silver Monthly.

A little History

In 2005, as the founder Adam Doolittle began Silver Monthly in response to shoddy, conspiracy theories pushed as professional journalism for the silver and precious metals market. So began Silver Monthly as an attempt to publish highly credible and reliable content to benefit readers, which in turn would benefit advertisers. This benefit, we believe, comes from successfully publishing a variety of issues facing silver investors, such as market forces, overall economic conditions, and politics.

People, Our Greatest Asset

n1570590191_30144586_8275Adam Jay Doolittle is currently the Publisher of Silver Monthly and has been since 2005. Mr. Doolittle is attending Hampden-Sydney College in central Virginia as an Economics and Commerce major. Apart from his daily activities as a student, Mr. Doolittle looks after the flow of copy on Silver Monthly and sets up the strategy to attract more readers. You can contact Mr. Doolittle with email with doolittle@silvermonthly.com

mystery person
You are currently wanted at Silver Monthly. If you have an interest in the silver market, silver investing, or free market politics, then Silver Monthly would Love to have you here. Just email contribute@silvermonthly.com for more information. Silver Monthly values your opinion, so let us hear it! You can email us at contribute@silvermonthly.com.

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