Become a Featured eBay Seller

You can now drive targeted traffic directly to your eBay auctions free of charge. Becoming a featured eBay Seller won’t cost you anything and will boost the number quality traffic to your auctions. With over 3,500 visitors monthly, You can grab the attention of the readers by becoming a featured seller — remember there’s no cost to you.

When you become a Featured Seller, your auctions will appear in the Silver Marketplace, as well as, the Silver Coin Value section of Silver Monthly. Now you can advertise to a market that’s already interested in you.

Concerned about costs? Don’t worry—Featured Seller status doesn’t cost anything. And we can’t stop telling you it’s free. It’s free because you become a partner with Silver Monthly and we want to reward you for partnering with us. It’s also free because eBay pays us if our readers sign-up for eBay, but again, it doesn’t cost you anything.

How do you become a Featured Seller? Simple. You can have your auctions featured instantly by copying and pasting the links below into each auction you want to be featured.


Stop competing against price wars from the thousands of other eBay sellers. Instead, become a Silver Monthly Featured Seller and drive targeted quality traffic.

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