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Dear Reader,

Look I know, there are billions of websites you could subscribe to. Most will even publish more often than Silver Monthly. The thing is, can these other websites promise better information years to come? Silver Monthly can, right now I’m investing 100% of the profits back into the website. Now when I say 100%, I mean ALL, every dime. Even I don’t get a dime. Nope, I’m not paid to be the publisher. I just love doing it. So, that’s the first reason to subscribe


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    1_blue1_1_reflWe’re getting better every day. Yes, it might be just a little bit better, but we’re still building, growing, and learning. It’s way too much fun not too.

    2_blue1_1_reflIt’s 100% free. Like most everything here, free is fun. I mean like no one pays even a dime.

    2_blue1_1_reflThere’s 8,000+ of You. If 8,000+ others have found it useful to read Silver Monthly, that has to count for something.

    2_blue1_1_reflYou’ll get insider info. No, I’m not talking about stock tips; I’m talking about new features and beta testing that only the subscribers get to see before the public. And that gives you something to brag about.

    2_blue1_1_reflYour information is safe. Emails, names, addresses, social security numbers, maiden names, security codes will never be shared with anyone. Ziltch. Nada. Luckly, we only ask for a name and email.

    2_blue1_1_reflIt’s worth trying out. If you’re not a subscriber, who knows you might love it. And if you don’t you can unsubscribe with the click of a button, ehr…mouse button.

    2_blue1_1_reflIt saves time. Yeah, I know we don’t publish as often as we should, so to save you from wondering if we’ve published something, you can just check your email and know.

    Those were the seven reasons I could think of. There’s probably more, but anyways. I also want to thank you for visiting Silver Monthly, even if you don’t subscribe thanks for visiting.


    Adam Jay Doolittle
    Publisher of Silver Monthly

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