Top 5 Places to Buy Austrian Silver Philharmonics

Austrian Silver Philharmonics

If you would like to add Austrian Silver Philharmonics to your portfolio, it pays to do research to find the most reputable dealers and distributors. Begin with one or more of the following five options for optimal results.

About the Austrian Silver Philharmonics

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic is a must-have addition to any investor’s portfolio. It’s the only silver bullion coin denominated in euros. The Austrian Mint in Vienna started minting this gorgeous coin in 2008. Weighing in at one ounce and consisting of .999 fine silver, the Austrian Silver Philharmonic is a sight to behold. The obverse side depicts the Great Pipe Organ from Vienna’s Golden Hall while the reverse side depicts a selection of instruments from the world-famous Austrian Philharmonic.


As the official online store of California Numismatic Investments, has earned an excellent reputation through the years. The company behind it has been around since 1982. Originally, they strictly sold on a dealer-to-dealer basis. Nowadays, anyone can purchase directly from them, and the website makes it a breeze. Staffed by non-commissioned precious metal experts, offers free, insured shipping on all orders. Their selection of Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins is extensive and is sure to include whatever you seek.

2. JM Bullion

This popular online precious metals and bullion dealer strictly deals with physical bullion, and their inventory includes a vast assortment of high-quality Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins. All orders include free shipping, so you can save a lot of money by purchasing these coins from them. JM Bullion holds the distinction of dealing directly with numerous mints and distributors, so their inventory includes just about any type of Silver Philharmonic coin imaginable. The company is also famous for its incredibly prompt shipping and richly detailed descriptions, so be sure to check them out.


Perhaps the best-known online dealer of precious metals and bullion, is a reliable source of first-rate Austrian Silver Philharmonics. Most of the time, their inventory includes coins that were minted just about every year since their introduction in 2008. If you would like to purchase a large quantity of this unique coin, you’ll be pleased to know that this online dealer offers volume pricing. Orders of $99 or more ship for free and arrive in gorgeous packaging befitting such elegant, desirable coins. Conveniently enough, accepts a wide array of payment options, including PayPal and all major credit cards.

4. Provident Metals 

Nicknamed “The People’s Bullion Dealer,” Provident Metals is among the most versatile online distributors of fine bullion in the country. In addition to offering individual Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins, the dealer offers box sets including 25 rolls containing 20 Austrian Silver Philharmonics each. These boxes are priced very competitively because Provident Metals applies a volume pricing discount. Their inventory is very reliable, so you should be able to find the exact coin that you want without any trouble. If what you need isn’t available, you can avail yourself of the “notify me” feature to receive a notification when it is back in stock.

5. eBay

If the idea of contrasting and comparing the above dealers and others on a one-by-one basis is too overwhelming, you might want to try eBay instead. The online auction place includes stores that are run by many of the most reputable distributors and dealers. A quick search for Austrian Silver Philharmonics reveals a wide array of options, and you can then sort the list according to different criteria. This lets you quickly get a feel for the prevailing value of the coin and of the different varieties that are currently available. As an added bonus, you’ll enjoy eBay’s exceptional buyer protection coverage as well.

No coin collection or investment portfolio is complete without at least a few Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins. As long as you aren’t concerned about seeing the coins in person prior to buying them, purchasing them online is the fastest and most convenient way to go. It also lets you take your pick from a much larger selection of options. Odds are that one or more of the dealers highlighted above will suit your needs perfectly, so start checking them out today to find the ideal option quickly.