Automatic Wealth: How to Build Wealth Without Thinking

Think about the 40+ money decisions you have to make today: Should I save more? What should I cut down on? What about investing — real estate…stocks…index funds? Pay off debt? Did you send in that Verizon bill on time? Is it time to re-balance your portfolio?

Faced with an overwhelming number of choices each and everyday, most people respond in the same way: do nothing. As Barry Schwartz wrote in The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less,

“…as the number of mutual funds in a 401(k) plan offered to employees goes up, the likelihood that they will choose a fund — any fund — goes down. For every 10 funds added to the array of options, the rate of participation drops 2 percent. And for those who do invest, added fund options increase the chances that employees will invest in ultraconservative money-market funds.”

Still people assume success in personal finance means doing more, using will power more, choosing more options. Clearly, with the number of financial products out there, if doing more was the answer, we’d all be wealthier. Since most people are still struggling, I’d venture to say that success in personal finance isn’t doing more. Which leaves us with doing less.

Doing less means more gets done. That is focusing on setting up a system for automatic personal finance means wealth building actually happens. It means you get to focus on what you want to do, not what you have to do. Everyone has “have-to’s” — paying bills, investing, re-balancing, cutting down on spending, etc. But with a system that automatically takes care of investing, re-balancing means you get to spend more time on things and people you love.

Build a Bullet Proof Personal Finance System

By setting up a bulletproof personal finance system, you can start to dominate your finances by having your system passively do the right thing for you. It helps you automatically manage your money, guilt-free, for years to come. Investments will be automated, leaving you to focus on the things that really matter.

Building this bulletproof, automatic system is where Silver Saver comes in. has developed a way to save in physical silver for as little as $25 per week or $50 per month. Through an easy to use website (, savers can automatically purchase physical silver on a weekly, monthly or intermittent basis. The frequency and amount of the schedule is controlled completely by the saver.

A prudent approach is to accumulate silver at various amounts over multiple purchases – known as dollar cost averaging. Silver expert David Morgan has touted this method for years as a crucial part of his “ Ten Rules for Silver Investing” . This allows for equal dollar amounts to be purchased regularly and periodically over specific time periods (such as $150 monthly). By implementing a dollar cost average strategy, more  silver is purchased when prices are low and less silver is purchased when prices are high. The goal of this is to lower the total average cost per ounce of the silver, giving the saver a lower overall cost for the silver purchased over time.

This auto-system comes highly recommended, “I like SilverSaver so much I decided to join it personally and plan to get my daughters involved,”  said David Morgan,

Getting Started… 3 Easy Steps

The Silver Saver sign-up process is simple and user friendly. In addition, to automatically saving in silver over time, Silver Savers will find that the website offers quick and easy buying and selling of silver. Also, Silver Savers have the option of holding their silver at secure and insured storage at First State Depository or taking delivery of their silver in various forms once they have saved as little as 20 ounces of silver.

  1. Sign up, you’ll need all the basics, email, name, address, etc
  2. Set up a schedule, how often will you be investing in silver?
  3. Set up a payment option

You’re Wealth Building is on Autopilot

Congratulations! Your personal finance is now on autopilot. You’re actually saving and investing money each month in real, honest money. The beauty of this system is that it works without your involvement and it’s flexible enough to add or remove money anytime. You’re accumulating wealth by default.