Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Book Reviews

Book Reviews

We've found some excellent books for the silver investor, and we've given our review of these excellent books. Read On.

The ABCs of Gold Investing [Review]

The first step on the road of communicating in a given language is learning the alphabet. Letters in the alphabet represent sounds. Combining the...

Precious Metals Investing for Dummies [Review]

Precious Metals Investing for Dummies lives up to its title. It provides rock-solid investment advice for individuals who would like to invest in precious metals, but are smart enough to realize they know nothing about it. Mladjenovic is a wonderful writer and teacher. And he isn’t afraid to display a sense of humor, which keeps the book fun.

Gold, Peace, and Prosperity: The Birth of a New Currency

Gold, Peace, and Prosperity is a wonderful book, full of wonderful truths. It deserves to be read and considered. Paul’s persuasive arguments should dent the armor of even the most ardent Keynesians. Still, power and control – the twin motivators for inflation – are powerful opponents. It will be interesting to see what happens.

The Case Against the Fed [Review]

The Case Against the Fed makes a cogent and irrefutable argument for the dissolution of the Federal Reserve System. Rothbard’s writing style is contemporary and easy-to-digest. His mastery of the subject matter is obvious. His illustrations are logical and rational. His recommendations are sensible. One can only hope his words do not fall upon deaf ears.

The Case for Gold Book Review

The Case for Gold is a tremendous book. Ron Paul’s case is so cohesive and so powerful that it is impossible to refute. Unfortunately, because the book is a combination of history and economics, most people will eschew it. Which is a shame. It should be mandatory reading for all members of Congress and all college students.

Silver Profits in the New Century

Like the alchemists, Theodore Butler holds that silver is important. He believes that silver is a profitable investment, especially in today’s economic climate. Silver Profits in the New Century is his treatise on how and why one should invest in silver.

A History of Money and Banking in the United States: Book...

A History of Money and Banking in the United States: The Colonial Era to World War II by: Murray N. Rothbard In what is sure to...

The Mining Valuation Handbook: Mining and Energy Valuation for Investors...

Make no mistake. This is a reference book. It’s the type of book that is probably required reading for graduate students at the Colorado School of Mines. In other words, this is not a book that one reads for entertainment. This is a book that one reads solely for the purpose of education. Which means only those closely associated with the mining industry would ever pick it up in the first place.

Real Wealth: The Simple Guide to Silver Investing Reviewed

Real Wealth: The Simple Guide to Silver Investing By J. D. Seagraves Silver Monthly Publications 2010 130 pages. $24.99 On the subject of money, in his Decline of...

Empire of Debt Book Review

Empire of Debt, a book that needed to be writtenEmpire of Debt:  The Rise of an Epic Financial Disaster Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggin John Wiley...