Saturday, September 18, 2021
Investing in Gold

Investing in Gold

Investing In Gold: The Essential Safe Haven Investment for Every Portfolio

The title of Jonathan Spall’s book is Investing in Gold. And it’s a good book. But it should be noted that Investing in Gold speaks more to the subject of why you should invest in gold rather than how to invest in gold. As Spall indicates in his introduction, “This book is written for the broadest possible spectrum of those interested in precious metals, from private individuals to central banks, from mining companies to hedge funds.”

Gold Trading Boot Camp Book Review

Gregory Weldon is the front man for Weldon Financial. And like David Byrne he has a knack for writing. Only Weldon doesn’t write lyrics. He writes investment advice – how-to-stuff. He wrote Gold Trading Boot Camp, which is a remarkable book.

Buy Gold Now Book Review

Buy Gold Now:  How a Real Estate Bust, Our Bulging National Debt and a Languishing Dollar Will Push Gold to Record Highs By Shayne McGuire John...