Guess Who’s Back? Inaugural Edition of the New Silver Monthly Newsletter

Of course, there’s a lot of free content available on the internet, and most of it isn’t worth your time. Why is the Silver Monthly newsletter any different?

Good question.

Let me answer it by telling you more about myself.

My name is J.D. Seagraves, and I’ve been writing for Silver Monthly, as a side project, since 2007. I graduated from Siena Heights University in 2006 with a degree in Economics & Finance, and I earned a Series 7 stockbroker’s license later that same year.

In 2008, I was hired by Wealthpire, Inc., an investment-newsletter publisher, to write investment analyses. I worked my way up through the company, helping to build it into an Inc. 500 firm, and by 2013 I was writing and editing four investment newsletters (three weekly, one daily) that together generated more than $1 million in annual revenue.

My stock and options picks made my paid subscribers a lot of money. Sure, I made my share of bad calls, but subscribers were happy enough with my model-portfolio picks that they paid as much as $1,000 per month to read my economic analysis and copy my trades.

Now I’m providing my services exclusively to Silver Monthly for the rest of 2018.

I’m not saying reading every issue of this newsletter is going to make you a millionaire… But I am saying that there have been plenty of millionaires who’ve paid thousands of dollars to read what I’m publishing here for free… So at the very least, it should be worth your time!

This month’s issue was a little bit delayed, but starting in September you can expect a new edition of the Silver Monthly newsletter in your inbox the first Monday morning of the month.

Every issue will contain:

  • An introductory letter from me
  • A recap of the previous month’s market action, with exclusive analysis
  • A review of articles we’ve published to our website that month
  • A preview of upcoming articles; and
  • A conclusion, with analysis.

Everything will remain exclusive to newsletter subscribers and won’t be published anywhere else… ever!

Before we get going with the recap of last month’s markets, I want to answer the question you should be asking yourself, if you’re still reading: What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Really.

I approached the publisher of Silver Monthly with the plan to write exclusively for the site for the rest of 2018, and he loved it.

  • He wants to see the site generate more page views (and thus more revenue).
  • The way to get there is to publish more and better content – that’s my job.
  • More readers mean more revenue, which means a bigger content-creation budget, and that’s good for everyone: More profits for the site, more royalties for me, and more good content for you to read!

So I’m giving Silver Monthly my all the next four months to see what we can build. To be honest, I’d rather work for Silver Monthly and write for its readers than make millionaires richer with my stock picks… I’d rather write the truth about the Fed and the military-industrial complex than have to censor myself.

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