Northwest Territorial Mint Review

Northwest Territorial Mint Went Bankrupt. You can find a list of bullion dealers here.

Northwest Territorial Mint’s business is divided into three segments: (1) custom minting, (2) bullion sales, and (3) online store.

One of the unique products at Northwest Territorial Mint

The custom minting business has been operating since 1984, and has been a top choice of novelty coin-makers, corporations, the Boy Scouts of America, and even the U.S. military. Northwest Territorial Mint can make coins, medals, medallions, knives, belt buckles, cuff links, lapel pins, and much more. It can also mint color coins.

The bullion sales division buys from and sells to investors large and small. Silver, gold, palladium, and platinum products are all available, at what they say are competitive prices. As of March 6, one-ounce Silver Eagles were selling at $3.67 over spot, with a minimum buy size of thirty – this was about ten cents over what APMEX was charging at a twenty-coin minimum.

The online store division of Northwest Territorial Mint sells novelty items, such as Harley Davidson coins, military medallions, religious items, knives, lapel pins, challenge coins, Boy Scouts products, and other such items. The separation online store website also sells various bullion products, but it is very difficult to navigate.