Silver Rounds Review: 5 Best Places to Buy Silver Rounds

Best places to find silver rounds

Silver rounds are a non-government backed, non-legal tender type of silver coins. The term round came about because the silver was shaped into coins and thus was able to be stacked into rolls. This made it convenient for the coins to be handled and shipped. Silver bullion rounds can be purchased inscribed with a variety of designs ranging from commemorative, religious, military, cars, holidays, weapons, animals, presidents, and even Elvis!

Are Silver Rounds Just as Good as Coins?

  • Silver rounds are readily available.
  • They typically sell for a lower premium than government-backed silver bullion coins.
  • The value of the rounds is directly correlated to the current price of silver.
  • Their small size makes them perfect coins for bartering.


  1. You can buy silver rounds in sizes ranging from one ounce to over one hundred ounces. The one-ounce variety is the most popular.
  2. Each silver round coin contains one full ounce of pure silver.
  3. It has a purity of .999 fine silver.
  4. It is not government-backed and has no legal tender status.


Silver bullion rounds are available in both name-brand and generic. While name-brand silver rounds include the one-ounce private mint produced A-Mark Precious Metals, Wall Street Mint, and Sunshine Minting. These silver rounds will display the name or hallmark of the mint that manufactured them.

Generic silver rounds are produced by a variety of small firms as well as those produced over the years by companies that may or may not still be in business. They typically have a smaller markup than the name-brand silver rounds.

Most Valuable:

Engelhard Silver Prospectors is the one-ounce silver round that is most sought after by collectors. It was minted by Engelhard but has not been produced since 1988. This silver round is difficult to obtain and occasionally can be purchased on the secondary market.

Best Dealers to Find Silver Rounds

Surprisingly there are few places to buy silver rounds. Silver rounds, the investment option with the lowest premium, isn’t the most popular choice for many investors. Yet, even with the limited retailers, there are some excellent choices. Below, we’ve organized the silver rounds sellers into categories based on order size: best for 1 oz orders, small, medium, large orders.

While still taking into consideration the customer service, return policy, and reputation, the single most influential factor remained price. Each seller for each category was the lowest price we could find (if you know of a better option drop a comment below).

Best All Around

The Best All Around review goes to Provident Metals, who holds its own in terms of price and service. Provident Metals gets the Best All Around review because of the number designs available, I counted six different designs; the small or large ordering size available; in addition to designs and order sizes, the price is extremely competitive and reasonable, which is why Provident Metals wins in Best All Around.

Best for 1 oz Orders

JM Bullion was launched in late 2011 by two entrepreneurs, Michael, and Jonathan, who truly have a passion for the precious metals market. While the (retail) precious metal market is far from an untapped niche, they noticed that there were needs that other metal retailers didn’t. Those needs like a user-friendly website, dedicated support and investor-friendly features like Automatic Investment Program. Most shoppers couldn’t be happier with JM Bullion. prices are the lowest anywhere most of the time, and weekly sales present the opportunity to buy silver rounds at a slight premium over spot.

Best for Small Orders

The options for customers looking for more than 1 oz. increase significantly. For those investors looking for 10-100 silver rounds, look to Money Metals Exchange. Money Metals provides multiple designs and options for silver rounds at an attractive price. A low premium on each product offering makes Money Metals the best place to buy small orders of silver rounds.

Best for Medium Orders

For medium orders, turn to BGASC has a competitively priced selection of silver rounds in numbers of 100-499 at one price and above 500 at an even lower price. At this time BGASC has three designs, all replicas of beautiful coins: Peace Dollar Replica, Mercury Dime Replica, and the Buffalo Nickel Replica. Read our full review along with customer reviews of

Best for Large Orders

Perhaps the best aspect of buying from APMEX is that the company actually offers volume discounts on all of the bars and coins that it sells to its customers. That might sound like a no-brainer in this business, but it actually isn’t. A large number of online bullion dealers charge a flat per-coin or per-bar rate on gold and silver bullion, as well as other precious metals, and that can cost consumers a significant amount of money when they make larger purchases or big investments. The already-low prices at are paired with volume pricing, easy handling and shopping, and great service, to provide an experience that will just make more sense to customers and their tight budgets.

Final Take on Silver Bullion Rounds

Silver bullion rounds are affordable, easy to store, count, buy and sell. They are an excellent way for the small investor or collector to invest directly in pure silver bullion.

5 thoughts on “Silver Rounds Review: 5 Best Places to Buy Silver Rounds”

  1. Adam Doolittle

    A reader notified me of a mistake. Originally was ranked as the best for 1oz orders; however, requires a minimum order size of 100oz. Therefore, until another silver dealer fills the ‘Best for 1oz’ category Littleton Coin Company will remain. If any of you know of a dealer offering single ounce orders please leave a comment below.

  2. I have never ordered from them personally but have heard nightmares about NWT long, long wait times. They are the cheapest though I don’t buy physical to not have it for monthes. Just a heads up. HH Mark

  3. Knight Rider

    Thanks for the post. I found it interesting that you didn’t meantion APMEX, which I’ve heard is one of the better dealers around. The one thing I would probably warn readers about is NWT Mint, from what I’ve heard they have delays of 12-16 weeks in processing orders. If you want your order processed quickly, you may want to look elsewhere. has a big thread about them.

  4. Todd Robinson

    I’ve bought from both APMEX & NW Territorial…APMEX is far quicker, hence the higher premiums…My local shop is only $1.50 over spot currently…$.50 in spring/summer ’08.

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