Silver Futures WordPress Plugin

Silver Futures is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to put the latest price of the current month’s silver futures contract in your sidebar. This should be considered beta software, although the Plugin has been in use without problems for a while.

An example sidebar use is shown on our sidebar under “futures.” This Plugin downloads the futures price data from Yahoo Finance. Along with showing silver futures, you may show other futures listed below.


  1. Download: Futures Sidebar
  2. Unzip into your Plugin directory (for most installs
  3. Enable the Futures Plugin under the Administration Plugin Page
  4. Configure any additional options under WordPress Options page
  5. In the sidebar, or anywhere on the template insert the code and specify which futures contracts to display: <?php get_futures_quote(ZC, ZO, ZW); ?>

Symbol – Futures Contract Type
ZC – Corn
ZO – Oats
ZW – Wheat
ZS – Soybeans
ZL – Soybean Oil
ZK – Ethanol
ZB – 30-year T-bond
ZN – 10-year T-note
ZF – 5-year T-note
ZT – 2-Year T-note
ZQ – 30 day Fed Funds
ZG – 100oz Gold
ZI – 5,000oz Silver

Other Available Options

  • Changing the Yahoo URL to use this the Plugin within other countries such as the UK
  • Chart range (1 day, 5 day, etc.)
  • Date and Time format using PHP time Function
  • Whether to display the futures symbol or the futures type (“ZG” or “Gold”)

Change Log:
0.01 – September 18th, 2007 – Initial version released to the public.

This is free software, but donations are accepted in the link below. Links and/or reviews are also, to the highest degree, appreciated.

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