Top 5 Places to Buy Mexican Silver Libertads

The Mexican Silver Libertad can be found at a variety of online shops for coin collectors and investors. However, the best place to buy Mexican Silver Libertads depends on how many you would like.

About the Mexican Silver Libertad

The Mexican Silver Libertad is a national coin of Mexico comprised of .999 fine silver bullion. Production of the Libertad was authorized by a decree of the Bank of Mexico in 1981, and in that time, it become a popular silver coin among investors in North America and around the world. It is beloved for its beautiful artisanship featuring Victoria, the winged personification of victory, standing on a pedestal between the volcanoes of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl. The opposite side of the coin features the current coat of arms of Mexico surrounded by coats of arms from the past. These coins are made in eight different weights ranging from 1 kg. to 1/20 oz.

1. Best All-Around Shop

JM Bullion — JM Bullion is one of the most popular websites for coin collectors in the world. The company acts as an online retailer for small, individual investors, and it is a great place for new collectors or those new to collecting Mexican Libertads. The company is located in Dallas, Texas, and is open six days per week. One of the greatest aspects of JM Bullion is that it has a wide variety of coins in stock, and each one is expertly graded. Coins can be purchased with a wire transfer, check, credit card or PayPal, and shipping is free for all orders.

2. Best Shop for 1-Oz. Orders — If you are only looking to buy a single 1-oz. Mexican Libertad, you can do so quickly and affordably at is the perfect online retailer for small collectors or for those who want to give someone a unique gift with both sentimental and monetary value. Several 1-oz. Libertads are always available at, and the vast majority of them are new and uncirculated. is known throughout the world for its low pricing, which is very attractive to new investors. However, the company also has a wide selection of coins and precious metals at all times.

3. Best Shop for Small Orders

BGASC — When you have developed a liking for silver Mexican Libertads but are not yet ready to place a medium or large order, you can do no better than to make your purchase from BGASC. BGASC is an official dealer of the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and a member of the Certified Coin Exchange (CCE). BGASC offers competitive prices on all of its Mexican Libertads, and commissions or other hidden fees will never be added to your order. Shipping is completely free for small orders of $250 or more, and all coins are securely packaged and insured.

4. Best Shop for Medium Orders

Provident Metals — Provident Metals is the premier dealer of rare coins from around the world, including silver Mexican Libertads. The company is located in North Dallas but serves customers throughout the United States through its popular website, which is available with updated prices 24 hours per day, seven days per week. BGASC is a member of and authorized dealer for numerous organizations, including the American Numismatic Association (ANA). In addition to offering a large selection of coins and bullion at very affordable prices, BGASC provides exceptional customer service, and the company strives for nothing less than complete satisfaction and top security for all transactions.

5. Best Shop for Large Orders

Amiga Metals — When you want to purchase a large quantity of silver Mexican Libertads, you can trust Amiga Metals with your order. Although the company was established in 2010, it has grown to become a recognized leader in coin and precious metal investments. Amiga Metals works with the U.S. Mint and other national mints around the world to ensure that a large selection of coins and bullion is always available at market prices. The founders of Amiga Metals believe that precious metals are the safest and most reliable investment anyone can make, and gold and silver also work as insurance policies against other investments. Amiga Metals is located in Denver, Colorado, and the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).