Contribute to the readers, informed silver investors themselves. And as investors are constantly looking for a great investment, your offer might be exactly what they want to see. However, if you don’t contribute, you’ll lose the chance to reach these investors who read Silver Monthly.

The high-quality, influential readers of Silver Monthly come here for the highest-quality publication available for precious metal, silver investors. Not contributing means losing exposure within these influential, high-quality readers.

Your increased exposure from your contributions includes: word-of-mouth, links, and creative adverts. By writing for Silver Monthly, the readers see your expertise, Silver Monthly links to your website, and you get space to broadcast your message. Exposure like this for a simple contribution isn’t found on-line anymore. It’s this scarcity of tremendous value that makes writing for Silver Monthly a must.

Contribute to the readers, and you’ll be compensated $0.16-$1.00 per word. However, if you pass this by, you’ll lose between $160-$1,000, for a 1,000 words. Rates are based on the reputation of the author, the originality of the work, if the work includes quality graphics, and the topic of the piece.

Take for example, Jonas Dorian’s contribution, “The Seven (Potentially) Deadly Sins of Silver Investors.” He’d be given $0.67 per word or $445.55. And at the current ad rate ($16.36 per thousand impressions), Jonas would have 27,000 impressions for his message–all from simply sharing his information. It is this simplicity of gaining new clients that make contributing to Silver Monthly worth pursuing.

But don’t forget about the other exposure Jonas received. Just from a 600 word contribution, Jonas had exposure from readers seeing his expertise and had Silver Monthly link to his website (an unlimited waterfall of visitors at no cost to Jonas), in addition to the 27,000 impressions from his creative advert.

So, join the other professionals like yourself and contribute to the Silver Monthly readers today. To lose free exposure to the highest-quality readers of Silver Monthly: don’t contribute. But to gain access to readers who may never hear about your service, send information about you and your service with samples of your written work in an email to Please be patient for a response as we respond to other’s contribution requests.

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