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Other News

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"Economy — On the Verge of Collapse"

"The inevitable demise of the subprime mortgage market leaves the entire housing market -- and with it the economy -- on the verge of...

Silver-based Products for Horse Care Introduced

EquiFit, Inc., a company based in Dedham, Massachusetts, that sells products for horses and their riders, has launched a new line of silver-based products...

Some Brushers May be At Risk, So Use Silver

Even though the jury is still out on the potential dangers of naturally occurring germs on toothbrushes – from both harmful and benign microbes...

More Silver Paper Choices for Medical Professionals

Following their counterparts in Europe, the Montreal-based company Domtar, one of the largest paper mills in North America, has begun producing paper containing a...

Chipmaker AMD Replaces Lead With Tin-Silver Solder

In an effort to go ‘greener,’ chipmaker AMD has agreed to license Amkor Technology’s tin-silver alloy to replace the traditional lead solder in electroplated...

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