The Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator

This simple calculator lets users plug-in selected coins, the number of coins, and the price of silver to see the total value of silver in the coins if the coins were to be melted for the silver content. There’s also the Advanced Melt Value Calculator, which lets you calculate the melt value of multiple coins at the same time.

Silver Futures WordPress Plugin

Allows you to put the latest price of the current month’s silver futures contract in your WordPress blog’s sidebar. This Plugin should be considered beta software, although the Plugin has been in use without problems for a while. Download Silver Futures WordPress Plugin

Coin Return on Investment Calculator

Calculate the average annual return on investment for your coins, or entire coin portfolio. Then compare your returns to the average S&P return.

Local Gold and Silver Finder

Find gold and silver for sale in your area. Based on the top major cities of the U.S. These sites are in the network of parterner sites.

Buy or sell gold and silver bullion for free. This new site helps bullion sellers and bullion buyers find great deals when looking for gold and silver bullion.

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