New Bargain Silver Rounds at the Lowest Cost

Silver Rounds provided by with extremely low premiums.

When other dealers increase the premium above the silver spot price, creates a joint-venture with precious metals refinery, a full service state-of-the-art mint to lower the premium per silver round.

In fact, has the lowest cost above spot than any other dealer. When APMEX charges $0.99 over spot, takes it lower at $0.89.

“Our vertical integration of process, product, and sales provides the highest quality gold and silver products at extremely competitive prices,” explains the site. “There are no middlemen to increase your costs: we are the wholesalers.” is brought to you by the same company that manages TMG Metals Group, a large multi-million dollar precious metals firm that is a recommended precious metals dealer of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (G.A.T.A.), a member of the North American Collectibles Association (N.A.C.A.)

They do require larger investors with a 500 oz. silver or 20 oz. gold minimum.

Another silver round design available from
Another silver round design available from

How to Order from

  1. Decide which product(s) you want. They have multiple silver rounds, as well as gold options.
  2. Call BargainBullion’s trading desk at (866) 856-1671 to lock-in your order and give your shipping information.
  3. They’ll fix the price of the underlying metal at the time of your order.
  4. Send Payment:┬áBank-wire,┬áPersonal check, money order, cashier’s check
  5. Receive your order. The site explains, “You will be e-mailed when your payment has been received, and will be provided with the tracking number of your package. All checks will be held for 5-10 business days to ensure good funds. You do not need to open an account to order from us.”